De Moshe Sipper "Time and again. Reflections of the past" en Nature 148 vol. 492 (06/12/12)

I realized that the past could not be changed — at least not in my timeline. If I went back in time, my mere appearance, my very first breath in the past, would create a new branch in time — a new universe. Years ago I’d mentioned this to a psychologist I’d been dating and she had eyed me askance and said: “So you want to create universes, huh? Sounds like a God complex to me.”


I stopped dating psychologists after that. I have no delusions of grandeur whatsoever, no God complex. And I don’t wish to ‘create universes’, plural. I wish to create one single universe.

(...) There was absolutely no hesitation on my part, even though I knew this was a one-way trip: I would remain forever in the new universe I was about to create.