dimecres, de maig 02, 2012

¿Qué es la meditación?

Eckart Tolle
(...) It's impossible to comprehend how do you fit in the whole. But for an alignment with the totality, we don’t need to understand mentally anything.

(...) The simple realization that you are which is expressed in the sublime words: I am.

(...) Something helpful is to pretend for one moment that there is no past, no future. Every thought is an object in consciousness, you don't need the realm of the mind, of the thoughts, of the things.

There’s no such a thing as my consciousness. There’s consciousness and I am that. If you use my consciousness, you are creating a duality, first: “you” then consciousness. The same thing happens when you’re talking of “my life”. When you say “my life”, it implies that you have a life and that implies that you’re separated from your life. There’s “you” and “life” and you have it. And then of course you start being afraid, because you might lose it. That’s an illusion. You are not separated from life, you are life.


De Idries Shah, maestro sufí (1924-1996) La Sabiduría de los Idiotas Abdullah ben Yahya estaba enseñando a un visitante un manuscrit...